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Happy New Year! Looking Ahead To All Good Things In 2019!

Debbie Fales

Happy New Year!

With the new year comes new resolutions. Have you been considering real estate investing but have been afraid to take the leap? Resolve to make it happen in 2019.

But you certainly don’t have to do it alone. NavCap is ready, willing and able to help ...

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All Multi-Family Investments Are Not Created Equal

Debbie Fales

Have a few successful single family flips under your belt? Considering making the jump to a multi-family investment? With bigger risk comes the potential for a bigger reward but, like anything else, it pays to do your homework. Analyze the deal carefully before you take the leap!

Here are a ...

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How To Price Your Next Fix And Flip So That It Practically Flies Off The Market!

Debbie Fales

So you’ve done all the heavy lifting when it comes to locating, buying and repairing that diamond in the rough. It was a long, hard road of demolition, redesign and rebuilding — whoever said that house flipping was easy?

But as important as all that construction work was, an equally ...

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Had success with Single-Family flips and considering a bigger buy? NavCap's New Multi-Family Loan Program Can Help.

Debbie Fales

When it comes to real estate investing, a Multi-family property has the potential to put money in your pocket for a long time to come. A continuing stream of rental income can allow you to start feathering your nest and set you up for an early retirement.

If you are ...

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Is The Green Choice Always The Right Choice For Your Fix and Flip?

Debbie Fales

We all want to do our part to protect the Earth, right? After all, it’s the only home we’ve got.

When it comes to house flipping, you may be wondering whether making the ‘green’ choice is always the right choice. Well, the short answer is—it depends. Doing ...

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Our New Platinum Partners Program Puts Success Within Your Reach

Debbie Fales


What are the keys to success when it comes to house flipping? It’s been our experience that the most successful house flippers have a few things in common.

Pay Attention to the Numbers

First and foremost, the numbers matter. Whether it is the purchase price of the house, the ...

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Tempted to Fix Up Your Next Fix and Flip Yourself? Be Smart About It.

Debbie Fales

Are you handy with a hammer?

Are you considering doing all of the renovation work on your next fix and flip project yourself?

If that’s the case, we recommend proceeding with caution. There are certain jobs that lend themselves to the DIY investor but others that definitely do not ...

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Looking For Fix And Flip Financing? Our Application Process Is A Breeze!

Debbie Fales

Life can be complicated.

That said, we have made every effort to simplify our part of the house flipping process. Because securing funding for your next project should be straight-forward and headache-free.

We often hear the question—what paperwork do I need to apply? So we’ve put together a ...

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What Are The 10 Best And 10 Worst States For House Flipping?

Debbie Fales

The United States is a big place.

And while it is a land of opportunity, for house flippers there are some areas where the chances of success are greater. When your resources are limited, it pays to deploy them where the potential returns are highest.

Exactly where would that be ...

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When It Comes To Fix And Flip Financing, Cash Isn't Always King

Debbie Fales

It’s the age-old question.

Is it better to fund that fix and flip deal with cold hard cash or use leverage to make the purchase?

Well, here at Navigator Private Capital we are obviously a bit biased but it’s pretty clear to us that leveraging the property is ...

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Our New Platinum Partners Program Rewards Experience With Lower Rates

Debbie Fales

Never content to sit on our laurels, Navigator Private Capital (NavCap) is proud to announce a new lending program, “Platinum Partners”, designed with our most experienced clients in mind. We are now offering interest-only rates as low as 9.99% APR with specific terms customized around your deal.

Wondering if ...

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Three Reasons to Consider Your Next Real Estate Project Out Of State

Debbie Fales

Is your local housing market getting a bit frothy? Is stiff competition among eager buyers keeping you on the sidelines instead of in the middle of the action?

Have you considered investing out of state?

Although it requires a bit more legwork, executing a successful real estate investment outside of ...

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Can Your Job Site Withstand A Hurricane? Get Prepared!

Debbie Fales

There are few things in life an unpredictable as the weather. And when you don’t know what is coming down the pike, it pays to prepare for the worst.

That advice holds particularly true during hurricane season. The powerful winds and heavy rainfall unleashed by a hurricane can devastate ...

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Diversify Your Portfolio With Real Estate—It's Never Been Easier!

Debbie Fales

Financial security.

It’s a goal many of us strive toward most of our lives. We dream of a time when money is no object. Imagine being able to easily meet all of your fiscal obligations—and still put something aside for a rainy day.

It sounds like bliss, doesn ...

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Ten Terms Every Real Estate Investor Should Know

Debbie Fales

Knowledge is power.

Whether you are new to real estate investing or have been around the proverbial block a few times, it pays to understand the lingo. Below are some commonly used terms with which any serious real estate investor should be familiar:

Private Lender—Real estate investors often have ...

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Applying For A Loan With Navigator Private Capital Is A Cinch

Debbie Fales

Fast. Flexible. Local.

Navigator Private Capital takes great pride in offering our clients creative financing options with a quick turnaround and local support. There are not many private lenders out there who can do the same. NavCap does everything in its power to ensure that its customers have a consistently ...

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Think You Don’t Need Title Insurance For Your Next Flip? Think again.

Debbie Fales

Who Needs Title Insurance?

In a word, you.

Imagine this. You find a great deal on a foreclosure in a hot neighborhood and spend four months renovating it to perfection. You list the property, find a buyer, and are about to take a victory lap when the unexpected happens—a ...

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Are You Considering Flipping A Historic Home?

Debbie Fales

Historic homes are full of personality and charm—the decorative trim, the antique moldings, the mature landscaping and often much more. A historic designation can pique a buyer’s interest and make the property you’re considering flipping a hot commodity.

But, let’s be honest, a historic house is ...

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Are You A Realtor Working With Investor Clients? Find Out Why Working With Us Is A Win-Win

Debbie Fales

Are you a realtor with real estate investor clients? Would you like to receive three commission checks from the same client in less than nine months? When it comes to REO properties, Navigator Private Capital (NavCap) offers realtors a chance to expand their book of business and boost their sales ...

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It Never Pays To Skip The Home Inspection

Debbie Fales

There are a lot of unknowns when it comes to real estate investing.

What is the house worth in its current state?

How much will repairs cost?

What will the after repair value be?

So anything you can do to reduce the uncertainty is a good thing. That’s where ...

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