One of the biggest challenges for a real estate investor can be finding the next project. Locating a fixer upper with great resale or rental potential can be difficult—but it doesn't have to be. Here at NavCap we have developed strong working relationships with folks in every facet of the real estate investing business and, as a result, are often in the know when it comes to available properties and great deals. We have put together a dynamic list of distressed properties currently in foreclosure or headed to short sale, for example, that we can recommend to investors and wholesalers. Having already vetted these properties, NavCap is able to approve these deals quickly, often at a lower cost. 


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216 Willard Street, Hagerstown, MD 21740

Currently listed for sale. Framing complete. $85,000$152,000

4026 North Rogers, Baltimore, MD 21207

Rehab partially complete. $186,000$300,000

14 Whist Place, Capitol Heights, MD 20747 (OZ)

Auction scheduled 10/14/20. Approx $30K in repairs remaining. Located w/in Opportunity Zone.$200,000$300,000

1037 North Milton Ave, Baltimore, MD 21225

Rehab complete. Great rental potential. Auction scheduled 9/24/20.$110,000$135,000

6204 Hilltop Ave, Baltimore, MD 21214

Rehab complete. Bought back at auction. Sale to be ratified end of October.$185,000$220,000

132 South Eaton Street, Baltimore, MD 21224

Rehab complete. Investment property with tenant. $225,000$265,000

3112 Brendan Ave, Baltimore, MD 21213

Rehab complete. Bought back at auction. Sale to be ratified end of October.$95,000$115,000

3719 Milford Mill Road, Gwynn Oak, MD 21244

Rehab complete. Great rental. Available at foreclosure auction on 9/28/2020.$180,000$245,000

1216 Fairfield Ave, Baltimore, MD 21209

Rehab 10% complete. Foreclosure auction pending. $169,000$326,000

884 Westminster Street, Saint Paul, MN 55130

Foreclosure auction pending.$95,000$160,000

13555 Cogburn Road, Alpharetta, GA 30004

Currently listed for sale. $329,600$368,000

3041 E Northern Parkway, Baltimore, MD 21214

Rehab complete. Great rental potential. $200,000$224,000

3043 Belmont Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21216

Great rental opportunity.$49,000$70,000

6105 Marietta Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21214

Demo complete. 80% rehab remaining. $65,000$230,000

6109 Marietta Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21214

Rehab to be complete by 10/19/20. $249,900$250,000

* We should note that the Asking Price listed above is an estimate and subject to negotiation.