Funding Participant Information

I’m interested in lending my capital into one or more of your loans. How can I do that?

We fund projects—both big and small—throughout the Washington DC metropolitan region as well as in Delaware, Georgia, Minnesota and Wisconsin, and welcome funding participants. The robust local housing market combined with a strengthening economy has created considerable demand for short-term renovation financing not readily available through traditional lenders. Navigator Private Capital fills that gap by offering builders and real estate investors an alternate funding source along with value-added resources such as expert advice, on-going project support, and timely inspections.

By providing capital to one project or many, participants are able to reap the benefits of real estate investing without picking up a hammer. Participation allows one to:

  • Generate consistent passive income at rates well above traditional financial instruments
  • Provide partial funding to several projects at once allowing diversification
  • Fund well-vetted projects held to high lending standards and secured by first mortgage deeds of trust with participants in the first lien position
  • Potentially put retirement savings to work in the real estate market, maximizing tax benefits to further boost returns

The team at Navigator Private Capital has over 20+ years of experience in the real estate industry. Put that experience to work for you!

Loan participants will receive a Promissory Note from Navigator Private Capital with a 9 month term and interest only payments made on a monthly basis. The Note is secured by an assignment of a deed of trust/mortgage held in escrow. Participants may also opt to invest in a collection of properties via a line of credit backed by multiple deed of trust/mortgages.

The annual rate of return varies according to the level of capital invested.