Scope of Work

Use Our Free SOW Template

When it comes to house flipping, it pays to have a plan. As any successful flipper will tell you, a good Scope of Work (SOW) estimate is critical to the success of any reno project. It establishes the parameters of the renovation from start to finish. The SOW is a detailed document that describes the repair work that needs to be done to make the house sellable. It should include an overview of the project as well as individual line items of the work necessary to complete the job.

As a starting point in the process, we have created a sample SOW spreadsheet that is available in three formats:

For the PDF, simply click on the link and save the file directly to your computer. Similarly, you may click on the link for the Excel spreadsheet and work directly in the file, saving as you go. For the Google Sheet, you will need to first login to your Google account and then make a copy.