Had success with Single-Family flips and considering a bigger buy? NavCap's New Multi-Family Loan Program Can Help.

When it comes to real estate investing, a Multi-family property has the potential to put money in your pocket for a long time to come. A continuing stream of rental income can allow you to start feathering your nest and set you up for an early retirement.

If you are considering investing in a multi-unit property, then we have news for you! Building upon our success in the Single-family(1-4+) residential fix and flip market, NavCap is excited to announce that we are branching out.

We are rolling out a new loan program which seeks to meet the demand for financing of Multi-family residential properties. In case you’re wondering, when we talk about Multi-family properties, we mean properties which house 5+ units.

Do you have your eye on a Multi-family property with fix and flip potential? Or maybe you are planning to purchase it and rent it as-is? NavCap has you covered. Our new loan program offers rapid approvals, competitive rates and terms customized around your project.

Here are a few details about the program…

  • Multi-family loan financing is available across our lending area including Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, Washington DC, Georgia and Wisconsin with the exception of Minnesota.
  • Loans are offered for the purpose of purchase, refinance and residential rehab.
  • Our Multi-family program funds projects of varying size with loan values between $200K and $5M.
  • Terms range from 3 to 24 months of interest-only payments.

Whether you are interested in our tried and true single-family fix and flip program or want to hear more about our newer Multi-family options, Navigator Private Capital is everything a private lender should be. We offer an automated application process, fast approvals, timely inspections and draws when you need them. Who could ask for more?

NavCap can help you secure funding at terms and rates amenable to you. Reach out to us today at info@gonavcap.com or 443.603.0193 to find out more about all of our innovative loan programs.