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Hot Real Estate Markets For 2024

Debbie Fales

When you’re choosing your next investment project, the hotter the market, the better. Whether your exit strategy is to fix and flip or buy and hold, strong housing demand is key. 

In 2024, it looks like waterfront living is ...

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NLE's LeverageCon Miami is NEXT WEEK!

Debbie Fales

Are you headed down to LeverageCon Miami? 

Look for NavCap’s Rick Rall as he joins a panel of lenders focused on the outlook for the Fix and Flip/Investor Rehab Market in 2024. The one-day event kicks off on ...

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Get To Know NavCap's Tim Boord

Debbie Fales

Private lending is a business based on relationships. There is a significant level of trust that we place in our clients when we close a deal — and vice versa. Our borrowers want to know that they can count on us ...

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foreclosures are increasing

Foreclosures Are On The Rise...

Debbie Fales

Looking for your next REI project? It may be getting a bit easier…

According to ATTOM’s U.S. Foreclosure Market Report, foreclosure levels are starting to tick up.  In the first quarter of 2022, there were 78,271 U ...

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Doors Houses For Sale

Our Free Proof Of Funds Letter Opens Doors

Debbie Fales
So you've finally found a house that is ripe for investing. Congratulations! But, now, you may be wondering — what do I do next?
One of the first steps in your journey to flipping success is to secure the property ...
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Stay In The Know With Our New Texting Program

Debbie Fales

We know you’re busy.

Too busy to check your emails or even take a breath, some days. 

We get it. 

So, in an effort to keep in touch with you and make sure you don’t miss any important ...

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person estimating materials and labor costs for REI project's scope of work

Watch This Short Video And Nail Your Next REI Project's Scope of Work

Debbie Fales

Start your next project off on the right foot. 

How exactly can you do that? Make a plan and stick to it. We can help. 

We have created a free, downloadable Scope Of Work (SOW) template that you can use ...

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