Take Advantage Of Our Lower Fix And Flip Rates

Newly Lowered Rates AND Increased Leverage For Fix and Flip Financing!

We realize that you have options when it comes to financing your next real estate investment deal. That’s why we do everything in our power to provide you with a great rate and as much leverage as the property will allow. 

Here’s what we can offer experienced investors (those with 4+ flips in the past three years):

✅ Rate from 10.75% at 90% LTC

✅ Rate from 10.25% at 85% LTC

✅ Experience 4+ Flips

✅ Credit Score 680+ For Our Best Rates

✅ No Income Requirements Or Tax Returns Needed

✅ Leverage To 70% of ARV

As always, we have the most flexibility in our rates and terms for borrowers with some experience and a sound financial record but we will do our absolute best to meet you where you are. We will craft a loan package that meets your specific needs and can also suggest ways for you to improve your financial status when it comes to qualifying for a real estate investor loan. 

Want to learn more about what NavCap can do for you? Click the button below to get a quick quote on your next project. There is no obligation and no credit pull until we’ve sent you a conditional approval and you’ve agreed to the terms. 


Still in the planning phase? Give us a call at 888.444.3160  or email us at info@gonavcap.com to get started down the right path. 

We are here to help!