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Fixed And Flipped In Northeast DC

Debbie Fales

Last fall, our client ran across a solid, three-story single-family home in Northeast DC’s Woodridge neighborhood. The property was vacant and somewhat neglected but with good bones and loads of potential. With over 3000 square feet of living space ...

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Up For Auction And Ripe For Rehab

Debbie Fales

Are you looking for your next real estate investment project? 

Take a look at 6105 Marietta Avenue in the leafy Hamilton Hills neighborhood of Baltimore. This single-family investment property is headed to auction on Tuesday, April 9, 2024 at 11 ...

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Our New Platinum Partners Program Rewards Experience With Lower Rates

Debbie Fales

Never content to sit on our laurels, Navigator Private Capital (NavCap) is proud to announce a new lending program, “Platinum Partners”, designed with our most experienced clients in mind. We are now offering interest-only rates as low as 9.99 ...

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Diversify Your Portfolio With Real Estate—It's Never Been Easier!

Debbie Fales

Financial security.

It’s a goal many of us strive toward most of our lives. We dream of a time when money is no object. Imagine being able to easily meet all of your fiscal obligations—and still put something ...

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Think You Don’t Need Title Insurance For Your Next Flip? Think again.

Debbie Fales

Who Needs Title Insurance?

In a word, you.

Imagine this. You find a great deal on a foreclosure in a hot neighborhood and spend four months renovating it to perfection. You list the property, find a buyer, and are about ...

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Are You Considering Flipping A Historic Home?

Debbie Fales

Historic homes are full of personality and charm—the decorative trim, the antique moldings, the mature landscaping and often much more. A historic designation can pique a buyer’s interest and make the property you’re considering flipping a hot ...

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It Never Pays To Skip The Home Inspection

Debbie Fales

There are a lot of unknowns when it comes to real estate investing.

What is the house worth in its current state?

How much will repairs cost?

What will the after repair value be?

So anything you can do to ...

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Uncover the Next 'Hot' Neighborhood For Your Fix and Flip

Debbie Fales

Sometimes it would really come in handy to have a crystal ball. This is especially true when it comes to real estate investing. It would be nice to know in advance which neighborhoods are about to experience a resurgence.

Well ...

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Think You Don't Need a Scope of Work? Think Again!

Debbie Fales

You’ve done your homework and uncovered a house just begging to be flipped. Congratulations!

Now what?

It’s time to consider just how much work will need to go into the house to make it sellable or rentable, depending ...

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Know what to look for in a foreclosure.

Hunting For A Foreclosure? It Pays to Understand the Process.

Debbie Fales

Searching for a foreclosure with solid fix and flip potential can leave many real estate investors feeling like Captain Ahab in his quest for Moby Dick.


But there are things you can do to improve your chances for success ...

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Considering a Multi-Family Flip?

Considering a Multi-Family Flip? What You Need To Know…

Debbie Fales

When it comes to house flipping, it’s all about getting the most bang for your buck.

That’s why it pays to sweat the details. As tempting as it may be to just wing it, it’s much wiser ...

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real estate contractor estimating Scope Of Work (SOW)

Find A Good GC For Your Next Project

A Good Contractor Can Be Hard To Come By

Debbie Fales

You know the saying—it takes a village? Well, nowhere is this advice more apt than in the real estate investment market.

Flipping a house is a complicated endeavor with lots of moving parts and potential pitfalls. It pays to ...

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Make Good Choices in Your Next Fix and Flip

Choosing the Right House to Flip

Debbie Fales

You’ve heard the old adage—buy low, sell high.

This is sound advice in almost any industry but it holds especially true when it comes to house flipping. It’s hard to be successful if you’re paying too ...

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Don't let winter slow down your fix and flip!

Winterization Tips For Your Fix and Flip

Debbie Fales

Have you noticed?

Old man winter has arrived! There is a definite chill in the air and, for contractors and rehabbers, that means it’s time to think about winterizing the construction site. Depending on the building phase of your ...

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