Loan Lifecycle

How do I receive a draw request? 

Draw funding is disseminated in three ways - via Automated Clearing House (ACH), wire transfer ($30 fee) or check. We suggest the ACH method which is easy and quick (clears in one business day). To set up your ACH account, just log in to the Navigator Private Capital website and provide your banking information through the ‘Set Up Draw Request Payment Account’ link. This short video walks you through the process. 

  • Navigator Private Capital provides draws as renovation work is completed and requires borrowers to start each project on their own. 
  • After phase one of the work is completed, borrowers may log into their account on the Navigator Private Capital website and click on ‘Draw Request/Inspection’. 
  • Within the draw request form, borrowers are asked to itemize the work completed and estimate costs incurred. 

How do I schedule an inspection?

Inspections are scheduled in conjunction with making a draw request. Borrowers should log into their member account on our website and click on ‘Draw Request/Inspection’. 

  • Once the request is submitted, one of our inspectors will contact the borrower—usually within 48 hours—to set up an appointment to review the work and approve the draw. Depending on the amount of work completed, NavCap will release a full or partial draw.
  • NavCap suggests minimizing the overall number of draws requested as there is a $250 charge for each inspection of a single-family unit or a condo and up to $1000 for multi-family properties. Generally, we recommend three draws per project. 

How do I make a loan payment?

For your convenience, we have automated the loan payment process. Upon closing, borrowers may login to their member account on the Navigator Private Capital website and select the option to “Set Up Loan Payment Account’. Still have questions?