Are You A Realtor Working With Investor Clients? Find Out Why Working With Us Is A Win-Win

Are you a realtor with real estate investor clients? Would you like to receive three commission checks from the same client in less than nine months? When it comes to REO properties, Navigator Private Capital (NavCap) offers realtors a chance to expand their book of business and boost their sales commission. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

Why work with us?

By partnering with NavCap, you will be able to provide your investor clients with access to a stable, local money source for their next project.

  • We offer borrowers fast, flexible financing with terms that are competitive and eminently fair. In fact, most loans close within three weeks of initiation.
  • With years of experience working with real estate investors, we can create a loan package that speaks to the specific needs of each borrower.
  • Our loans are asset based so we have no income requirements or credit score limits—making the approval process simple and straightforward. From our perspective, either the numbers make sense or they don’t.
  • Building effective long-term partnerships is our focus, and it goes without saying that we are fully invested in our borrowers’ success.

Stay In the Know

As a realtor representing one of our clients, NavCap will keep you in the know. We will send you periodic information about the project via our automated loan application process including copies of Proof of Funds requests and scheduling updates.

Early Marketing Is Key

Don’t be constrained by the local rules regarding the marketing of real estate property before it hits the MLS. As commercial assets, the flips that we fund can be advertised while still in the renovation phase. By helping to market your property in advance of its listing, we offer value not only to the flippers and their listing agents but also to their preferred lenders. The flipper enjoys a quicker sale, the realtor gets an early buyer, and both the realtor and preferred mortgage lender become lead sources for buyers in the area.

Boost Your Book of Business

Finally, real estate agents who work with REO listings can realize two transactional sales on the same property—at initial purchase and final sale of the rehabbed home. There is also a chance of securing a third transaction on the same property since early listing of the property could result in a buyer transaction as well. This can provide a welcome boost to a realtor’s business and sales commission.

Curious? Reach out to us at 443.603.0193 or at to find out how working with us can benefit you. Or go to our website to register for more information and join our mailing list. Much more than just a funding source, we are fully committed to the long-term success of our clients and partners.