We Now Offer 90/100 Financing To Experienced Borrowers

Leverage matters. 

We realize that many of our borrowers are looking to finance as much of their project as possible. More leverage means more opportunity to spread available capital across multiple projects—boosting profitability and building wealth. 

Designed for our most experienced borrowers, our new 90/100 program provides short-term fix and flip financing for both single-family and multi-family units. Under this program, we will fund up to 90 percent of the loan’s total cost including 100% of the total repair budget. WIth less money required up front, you may deploy your capital to other projects.

What do you need to qualify?

  • Four or more successful exits within the last 36 months
  • Credit Score 680+
  • LTARV to 75%

Want to hear more? 

Reach out today and let us design a loan solution that meets your specific needs. We are not your typical cookie-cutter lender. We will work with you to provide financing that ensures your success because, ultimately, your success is our success! 

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