Our DSCR Rates Start At 6.99% APR

Despite the Fed’s interest rate hike of a quarter-point on Wednesday, our DSCR rates are actually dropping. The ongoing economic uncertainty is keeping Treasury rates low in the secondary market which is keeping a lid on mortgage rates for now. 

For borrowers with some experience and very good credit, our rental rates start at 6.99%

For our rental loan program overall, here are the current terms: 

✔️ Leverage To 80% of LTV (75% For Cash Out)

✔️ Residential 1-4 Unit

✔️ 30 Year Fixed or 10 Year ARM

✔️ Minimum Credit Score 660+

Take advantage of the dip and lock in at a great rate. Even if you don’t qualify for the 6.99% rate, don’t be discouraged. We can work with you to craft a loan package that will meet your specific needs at a very competitive rate. So, if you are looking for a long-term rental solution for your next real estate investment project, contact us to get a quote. 


We are here and ready to help. Reach out to your loan officer or contact 888.444.3160 or info@gonavcap.com to be put in touch. 

We look forward to working with you!