Put Probate Leads To Work For You


One of the greatest challenges facing a real estate investor, especially in today’s sellers market, is finding your next project. 

You may have done all your homework— lined up financing, found a great contractor—and are ready to hit the ground running. But you’re going nowhere fast if you can’t find a property with great rehab potential. 

In a previous blog post, we ran down multiple methods to generate property leads including scouring the MLS, hunting for foreclosures, engaging wholesalers and more. But we neglected to mention a lead source that often pays huge dividends for real estate investors — probate leads

What exactly is a probate lead—you might ask?

In a nutshell, a probate lead is a potential seller who has inherited a piece of property after the passing of a relative. Often, these people live out of town and have no interest in owning and maintaining said property over the long-term. That makes them motivated sellers and great leads for real estate investors. 

But actually tracking down and converting these leads can be a time and labor intensive process that often involves visits to your local courthouse and lots of phone calls. That’s why we were excited to stumble across All The Leads. They make finding and converting probate leads a whole lot easier. 

To find out just how they do it, click the link below and watch their training supervisor, Chad Corbett, run through the steps. In an effort towards full disclosure, we should note that the link below is an affiliate link. 


Take advantage of the legwork done by All the Leads and find probate leads in your county. Click here to subscribe. 

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