Quantify Your Investing Experience To Qualify For Our Best Rates

Experience Matters. 

Visitors to our website may have noticed that we recently added a new resource—a Property Experience worksheet

But what is it and why do you need it? 

During our conversations with potential borrowers, we often hear the question, “How much experience do I need to secure a loan?” The simple answer is none but, of course, the long answer is more complicated than that. 

We work with real estate investors at ALL experience levels. Whether you have a long list of successful projects or limited to no experience, we can tailor a loan package to meet your needs. But, it goes without saying that having a proven track record is always a good thing when it comes to real estate investing. The more experience you have, the better—especially when it comes to the terms and rates we can offer. 

We are able to offer our most experienced borrowers our best rates and terms—starting at 8% APR for fix and flip, 6.25% APR for rental, and 10% APR for new construction financing. 

To allow you to quantify your experience, we have put together a spreadsheet where you can enter the property details for each project you have closed in the last 36 months. You can access this spreadsheet through Google by logging into your Google account and making a copy, or download it as an Excel sheet or printable PDF document

If we can answer any questions about our loan programs, please reach out at 443.603.0193 or info@gonavcap.com. For specific information about a potential deal, request a no-obligation quote below.

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