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By now, you’re probably aware that the Federal Reserve decided to hold its benchmark interest rate steady at June’s Federal Open Market Committee meeting last week. This comes on the heels of 10 consecutive rate increases that began in March 2022. 

So where does that leave real estate investors? 

Well, given that the current federal funds rate is 5.15%, and the Fed’s stated target is between 5 and 5.25%, future rate hikes may be limited, That’s certainly good news as is the fact that May’s inflation rate dipped below 5% for the first time in two years. 

We obviously can’t predict where the economy is headed or what the Fed will do next. But we want you to know that our interest rates are not tied directly to the Federal Funds rate or any other prime rate. As a direct private lender, we have the autonomy to set our own rates based on factors specific to each deal including borrower experience, credit score, cash on hand, requested leverage, and property value. 

To find out what specific rate and terms we can offer you for your next project, please click the link below to request a quick quote. There is absolutely no obligation and no credit pull.

You still have time to close your deal this month. If your current lender is unresponsive, reach out to us. 

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