Our DSCR Loans Give You Options

Considering Buy and Hold?

In this economy, many of our clients are choosing to rent out their investment property rather than sell it into a difficult market. We can offer you several options for this buy-and-hold strategy—30-year fixed rate or 10/1 adjustable rate mortgage—with cash-out options.

Long-term & Short-term Rental (DSCR)

🔹Residential (1-10 units) 

🔹 Non-Owner-Occupied

🔹Up to 80% LTV on purchase, or 75% for cash-out

🔹Minimum Purchase Price $100k 

🔹30-year Fixed (optional I/O period) OR 10/1 ARM 

🔹Qualify Based On Interest-Only Payments

🔹Minimum credit score 660

🔹Only Three Months of Seasoning Required

🔹No Income Requirements

This last point about seasoning bears repeating. Most lenders will use the purchase price as the value of the property in question without regard to completed renovations. However, NavCap will consider using a newer appraisal if at least three to six months have passed since you bought the property. We will also need to verify that the improvements have been made. This three to six months of seasoning allows us to reduce the risk in leveraging the property and pass along a more competitive rate and better terms to you.

Want to get a quote on your next project—seasoned or not? Click the link below, and we’ll be in touch.


Feel free to reach out to your loan officer with any questions about seasoning or whatever else is on your mind. Don’t know who your loan officer is? Text or call 888.444.3160 or email info@gonavcap.com to be put in touch. 

We look forward to working with you!