Our How-To Video Series Walks You Through The Loan Process

Securing financing for your real estate investment project can be overwhelming—but it doesn’t have to be. 

Our How-To video series will walk you through our process—step by step. Find them on our YouTube channel by clicking here. 

We explain how to apply for a loan, how to estimate repairs on a Scope of Work (SOW), how to request an inspection and draw, and how to navigate the conditional approval process. 

As a private money lender, NavCap realizes that, for our borrowers, time is money. This video series is meant to simplify and expedite the entire funding process.

Have questions about our processes or just want to chat about your next project? Give us a call at 888.444.3160 or email us at info@gonavcap.com to get the ball rolling. And, if you’d like a quick quote, click the link below.