We Work With Realtors

If you're a real estate agent who works with investors, you know a traditional residential mortgage will not fill the bill. Often, investors are looking for business loans based on the property alone without regard to personal income.

That’s where Navigator Private Capital comes in. 

What loans do we offer to real estate investors?

Fix and Flip (1-4, 5+ Units) 

DSCR/Rental (1-4, 5-8 Units)—No Income Requirements

Multi-Family (5+)

New Construction (Single-Family)


So, no matter if your client is looking for a short-term loan for a fixer-upper, needs to finance a rental property for the long term, or even wants to build from the ground up, we can help. 

We know that this is a tough time to be a realtor. You may be looking for additional revenue streams to offset recent legislative changes. 

You’ll be happy to know that, when you bring us a new client, we will pay a referral fee!  Right now, you will earn a flat $2000 when you refer a new client who closes their first loan with us. With our online application process, we approve loans quickly and can close within two or three weeks which means we put the referral fee in your pocket fast. 

Just click the link below to let us know a few details about your connection:


Want to chat with us about our loan offerings? We’d love to hear from you. Reach out to debbie@gonavcap.com or call/text 888.444.3160 ext 6 to discuss your options.