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We want you to know just how competitive we can be with our current rates and leverage. We realize you have choices when it comes to financing your investment project. Get a quote from us and shop it around. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. 

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Check out our current terms for a short-term fix and flip:

✅ Up to 90% LTC Including 100% Of Repairs

✅ Rates Starting At 10.99% (Depending On Experience)

✅ Minimum Credit Score 640 (For 90/100, Need 720+)

✅ No Income Requirements Or Tax Returns Needed

✅ Leverage To 75% of ARV

To be fully transparent, we are only able to offer the 90/100 financing to the most experienced borrowers—those with 10+ deals and a credit score above 720. 

However, although we have the most flexibility in our rates and terms for borrowers with experience and a sound financial record, we will do our absolute best to meet you where you are. We will craft a loan package that meets your specific needs and can also suggest ways for you to improve your financial status when it comes to qualifying for a real estate investor loan. 

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