New Resource To Find Off-Market Properties

One of the biggest obstacles for a real estate investor can be finding their next project. Locating a fixer-upper with great resale or rental potential can be difficult—but it doesn't have to be. Here at NavCap, we have developed strong working relationships with folks in every facet of the real estate investing business and, as a result, are often in the know when it comes to available properties and great deals. 

Available Properties 

We have put together an ever-changing list of distressed or rental investment properties that we can recommend to investors and wholesalers. Find this evolving list on our website here

Property Marketplace

We have also teamed up with property aggregator, Property Source, to offer you another avenue to locate off-market properties. Sign up here to join our property marketplace to access a dynamic list of off-market properties. These properties are available for immediate sale and many offer considerable upside potential for investors looking to unlock equity. Did we mention that it’s FREE to join?! 

Finance It With Us

Regardless of where you ultimately find a property, we would be happy to provide the necessary financing to fund the project. If you’d like to know what rate and terms we can offer you for fix and flip, bridge, DSCR, or new construction financing, just click the link below and submit a pre-application. Have specific questions? Reach out to your loan officer directly or call 888.444.3160 to be put in touch.